Why Train at 3,500m above sea level?

Simulated altitude training (SAT) triggers a number of physiological and hormonal responses.

Your body will become more efficient at carrying and delivering oxygen, which in turns, leads to enhanced performance, faster recovery, building lean muscles faster, and less muscle fatigue.

SAT also leads to an increased metabolism, enabling you to burn up to 50% more calories than at sea level.

A 30-minute altitude training session is equivalent to an hour at sea level, making it the most time efficient training available.

You will fitter, faster, stronger, improve your endurance, speed up your health and weight loss goals. And be better prepared for your hiking expedition in less time and less effort.

Weight loss

* Burn 3 times as many calories

* Burn stored fats at a faster rate

* Increase metabolic rate

* Weight loss accelerated in a high altitude environment


* Increase endurance performance

* Strength & muscle gains at a rapid rate

* More time efficient workout, less fatigue on the body for the time spent exercising

* Increase lactate threshold  

* Increased VO2 max

* Maintain fitness whilst injured


* prepare your body for high altitude hike/trek as you ascend up the mountain in a reduced oxygen environment